Tex-PIRG warns parents about dangerous toys ahead of holidays


SAN ANTONIO – Texas Public Interest Research Group, or Tex-PIRG, is warning parents about dangerous toys ahead of the holidays.

The group released its 33rd annual Trouble in Toyland report Tuesday.  

One of the toys Tex-PIRG said parents should watch out for is homemade slime, which may contain toxic chemicals.

Another thing to watch out for is toys that make noise. The group found the noises could actually injure a child’s eardrums if they’re played too close and too often.

Balloons are also dangerous, as the pose a choking hazard. Tex-PIRG said parents should also watch out for smart toys.

“All these smart toys that are coming out are super cool. Unfortunately, some of these toys are recording your children and maintaining that data. And, in some cases, even selling it off to a third party,” said Bay Scoggin, state director for Tex-PIRG.

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Toys parents should avoid this holiday season