NW Side neighborhood hit with graffiti targeting Jews, LGBT community

Residents believe kids are behind incidents

SAN ANTONIO – Half a dozen mailboxes, driveways and utility boxes in the Woods of Shavano were hit with offensive graffiti overnight. 

Some of the graffiti was sexual in nature, while other instances attacked members of the LGBT community and Jewish people.

Katie Luna lives in the Woods of Shavano and was one of the people whose property was defaced. She described the graffiti as "100 percent offensive" and said such activity won't be tolerated.

From phallic symbols to one referring to the Ku Klux Klan, some residents spent their day power-washing the graffiti away.

"If this is the kind of behavior that is going to filter into this neighborhood, it will be stopped," Luna said.

While many residents believe the graffiti was done by kids who don't understand the gravity of their actions, Luna said it begs the question of how those kids were raised.

Without any surveillance video, police have little to go on unless they receive a tip, Luna said.

She said what happened runs counter to their quiet, family-oriented neighborhood that prides itself on being diverse and inclusive.

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