Students pitch city improvement ideas to local elected officials at UTSA Civics Fair


SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio-area middle and high school students attended a University of Texas at San Antonio Community Civics Fair to address solutions to problems plaguing the community.

Participants brainstormed and researched ideas that could help improve life in San Antonio like creating safe spaces for drug addicts, amending and repealing certain laws and focusing on early education.

One student, Brooke Harrison, proposed safer crosswalks in San Antonio school zones after the death of her close friend.

“We need to be stricter on the 'no phones while driving' law, because that's one of the biggest factors in distracted driving and hitting people,” Harrison said.

Students proposed their ideas during the fair to a panel that included local elected officials including District 9 Councilman John Courage.

Students at the fair worked on their projects using the Speak Up! Speak Out! curriculum which helps identify community problems and develop innovative solutions to correct them.

Learn more about the University of Texas' Speak Up! Speak Out! program here.

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