Brother of inmate who died in Bexar County Jail blames brother's poor health for death

Fernando Macias taken into custody in March after deadly standoff

SAN ANTONIO – The brother of a man who was an inmate at the Bexar County jail and died in custody, says he's not surprised by his brother’s death.

Walter Macias is blaming his brother Fernando Macias’ death on mental and physical health issues. He said his brother's conditions were exacerbated by the deadly standoff that claimed the life of their mother in March. 

“He was super smart. His IQ was off the charts. He was of genius level in terms of intelligence,” said Walter Macias about a young Fernando.

But at 20 years old, Walter Macias said, Fernando Macias became mentally ill.

Walter Macias said he learned his brother was behaving erratically and decided to take action on March 9.

Walter Macias said he tried to have a mental health warrant served on Fernando, but when his brother refused to surrender, a 24-hour standoff ensued.

Fernando Macias exchanged gunfire with deputies and was struck several times. Deputies said his mother, who was struck numerous times by law enforcement bullets, died during the standoff.

“That was due to the fact that she was wearing the same color as him. That's irresponsible,” Walter Macias said.

Walter Macias said the event continued to wear away at his brother’s condition, which seemed to be at its worst on Sunday.

“I went to go visit him and he was not conscious, but he was still breathing.” Walter Macias said.

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