Hired house painter accused of stealing, using homeowner's credit cards

Anthony Martinez, 35, charged with burglary, credit card abuse

SAN ANTONIO – A house painter is in trouble that he can’t simply brush off.

He’s facing criminal charges in connection with the theft and use of someone else’s credit cards.

Anthony Martinez, 35, was arrested Tuesday on charges of burglary and credit card abuse.

An arrest affidavit said the victim realized what was happening after he began receiving calls from his credit card companies about some unusual purchases.

The man told San Antonio police he then realized three of his cards had been stolen.

The affidavit said one of the businesses where they were used to make two separate purchases of more than $100 was an HEB store located on West Avenue.

Police obtained surveillance photos from that business.

They showed those photos as well as a mug shot in a photo lineup to the victim.

He identified Martinez in both cases, police said.

Martinez had been working in the victim’s home as a subcontractor who was hired to do some painting, the affidavit said. 

Police believe he stole the credit cards while he was working at the home.

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