San Antonians try their luck at lucky lotto store ahead of Mega Millions drawing

SAN ANTONIO – The year 2018 was pretty big for the Mega Millions lottery, breaking big records, with four of the largest jackpots in history. Tuesday night’s drawing could also mean big changes for one lucky person in 2019.

The jackpot is currently up to $425 million.

Andrew Medrano and his family were in downtown San Antonio heading to church but made a pit stop at the well-known lotto-lucky Aztec Corner Store to buy a ticket.

“We heard about the lucky store that's here, so I told my wife, ‘It's still a little early. Why don't we try our luck?’” Medrano said.

The odds of winning the whole jackpot are slim, at one in 303 million. But high odds haven't stopped previous lotto ticket buyers from going home with some winnings from the Aztec Corner Store on North St. Mary's Street.

The store has a history of winning tickets. In October, a customer bought a Mega Millions ticket at the store and took home $5 million.

What would you do with all that money?

“I'd pay off all my debt first, and then I would go off to some exotic place I've never been before,” Aztec customer Cary Alva said.

“Share it with a lot of people,” Andrew Medrano said. “A lot of organizations there are, so many sources out there that need help.”

“I have four kids, two boys and two girls, wonderful kids, and I (want to) buy a house for them,” Patricia Gonzalez said.

Tuesday's jackpot would be the eighth-largest in jackpot history.

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