Nurse helps prevent house fire during New Year's Eve celebrations

Fireworks suspect of causing several fires overnight

San Antonio – As usual, New Year's Eve brought about lots of fireworks in the city, despite the current rules in place that prohibit them from being used by residents. While those firecrackers lit up the night, some are suspected of causing several fires overnight.

A nurse, who doesn't want any credit, may have prevented a house fire. Before she could get to her patient's house on Terra Loop, near Perrin Beitel Road, something in one of the yards caught her attention.

“I saw smoke, and it instantly turned into a fire,” the nurse said. "(I) knocked on the door, nobody is there. Nobody is in the neighborhood, just nobody. (I) remembered I had water in the back of my car, and (I) just grabbed some bottles of water and was able to put it out. When I put it out, I saw that it was firecracker residue.”

The firecrackers she found at the scene led her to believe they may be to blame for the fire, but that hasn't been confirmed.

The man who lives at the home said he was grateful. 

The outcome wasn't so good in other parts of the city, where crews suspect fireworks caused other fires.

West of downtown, on Arbor Place near North Hamilton, 10 units were called due to smoke and flames coming out of a shed between two homes.

North of downtown, on Yale near Fredericksburg Road, crews found fire on the roof of a home and were able to knock it down in roughly 10 minutes. 

No injuries reported in any of those fires. 

In total, there were five structure fires overnight. No injuries were reported from the fires. The San Antonio Fire Department is still working to determine the exact causes

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