Would you walk away from Facebook for $1,000?


If someone offered you money to log off Facebook for a year, would you do it? How much money would it take? 

A recent study found that it would take $1,000 to get the average U.S. Facebook user to walk away from the social media platform for a year.

The study was published in the science journal PLOS ONE. Researchers used a series of auctions to determine how much money it would take to get people off Facebook.

In some auctions, users were willing to give up the social media platform for short periods of time for little money -- $1.84 for an hour, $15.73 for three days, or $38.83 for a week. But when asked how much it would take to give it up for a whole year, the amount escalated and varied. The average amount was more than $1,000.

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