Changes proposed for West Side road plagued by speeding cars, crashes

Councilman Greg Brockhouse wants new crosswalk on South Acme Road

SAN ANTONIO – A stretch of road in District 6, where Councilman Greg Brockhouse said speeding has led to numerous accidents, is slated for what residents are calling much-needed traffic improvements.

The area of South Acme Road near Arnaz Drive is a school zone. Drivers on Thursday could be seen speeding in the area. 

“When the kids are trying to cross, sometimes the cars just pass by them. Like, they don’t even stop for the kids," said Tina Gonzalez, who has lived in the area for three years.

She said she constantly worries about the safety of her five young grandchildren.

“There’s been incidents where you see they almost hit a kid and stuff,” Gonzalez said.

Brockhouse said the stretch of road has seen its fair share of accidents.

“We've had several accidents over the years, but the most serious one we've had was about six to nine months ago, a rollover accident, and it almost cost somebody their life," Brockhouse said.

Last January, racing was blamed after a Ford Mustang slammed into two utility poles and a fence, then landed upside down at Acme Park. Brockhouse promised to look into the speeding issue. He said since that crash, he's been speaking with the victim’s mother and other constituents about making changes.

“We've come quite a ways here to make sure that there's radar here, that there's police presence, and sometimes that really has an immediate effect on slowing down traffic, but it's not a long-term solution.” Brockhouse said.

Brockhouse, who's working with the city’s Transportation and Capital Improvements division, said he doesn't think speed bumps are the answer and proposed a new crosswalk with traffic lights.

Brockhouse said $5 million has been allotted in the budget for pedestrian mobility improvements in District 6. He’s is waiting for TCI to come back with a cost estimate for the new South Acme Road crosswalk, which he hopes will happen within the next few weeks.

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