Meet Bexar County's new Dist. 121 Texas State Rep. Steve Allison

Rep. Allison ready to focus on education during 86th legislative session

AUSTIN, Texas – The 86th Legislative session starts Tuesday at noon and Bexar County has some new faces representing the area.

One of them is Republican House Rep. Steve Allison for District 121 in place of Joe Straus who filled that position for many years. Straus also held the speaker of the House position for several years.

Republican Rep. Dennis Bonnen, from Angleton, is set to take over the speaker position.

Allison said he feels the pressure taking over for Straus' seat, saying he has big shoes to fill.

"A little overwhelming because I'm finally here," Allison said.

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Allison said he felt that realness when he walked into the rotunda over the weekend and is trying to get comfortable with the title, "Representative Allison."

"I’m not used to that," Allison said.

Allison said he was finally able to move into his office Saturday and is still learning his way around the Capitol building.

After being on the Alamo Heights school board for 12 years and the VIA board for eight years, Allison said he is ready to tackle issues of education and transportation.

One of his goals: public school funding.

"I think we have to take care of our teachers," Allison said. "We’ve neglected them compensation wise, benefit-wise for too long."

Other issues Allison said on his agenda is bettering mental health and women's health care.

The freshman representative said taking the place of Straus is going to be a lot of work but said he has Straus to lean on for guidance.

"He’s been so very helpful to me, provided a lot of counsel," Allison said.

Allison, who has lived in the Alamo Heights area for 45 years, has been married to his wife Peggy for 49 years.

His two sons, both graduates of Alamo Heights High School, and his five grandchildren will all be at the swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday at noon.

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