DreamWeek Summit encourages exchange of ideas focused on tolerance, equality, diversity

More than 170 events taking place between Jan 11-Jan 26

The DreamWeek Summit is a series of events where all of San Antonio is invited to express their ideas about any issue that affects the human race.

It's an open forum designed to give people the opportunity to discuss real-world issues. 

"Our aim is to say, 'What will MLK's vision be today if he were alive?" said Shokare Nakpodia, president of DreamVoice. 

The 16-day ideas summit kicked off Friday and will continue at multiple venues through Jan. 26.

"Let's give an atmosphere, a place without being judged, an open mind," said Lisa Jackson, public relations manager of DreamWeek/DreamVoice. 

Since 2010, the organization DreamVoice has been putting together this event. This year's theme of "What makes us human?" allows participants to learn about race, immigration, gender identity, gun control and more. 

"It spreads through the arts, debates, fashion shows, March of course," Nakpodia said. 

Nakpodia, who founded DreamWeek, said more than 170 events are scheduled. At one of the events, Crystal Miller, a survivor of the Columbine High School shooting, will be sharing her story. 

"She has an incredible story because we sometimes focus on the shooters than what happened to the victim," Nakpodia said. 

Nakpodia said in order to host an event, he only asks one thing. 

"We ask that it has to center around tolerance, diversity, equality," Nakpodia said. 

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