USAA donates $15M to help US Coast Guard families affected by shutdown

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SAN ANTONIO – USAA on Tuesday announced it donated $15 million to provide interest-free loans to U.S. Coast Guard personnel affected by the government shutdown.

Starting Wednesday, Coast Guard personnel will be able to apply for loans of up to $750 for people without dependents and $1,000 for those with dependents.

The Coast Guard Mutual Assistance will disperse the loans with the assistance of the American Red Cross Hero Care Center electronic distribution process.

The CGMA loans are "designed to cover an estimated two weeks of shortfalls due to not being paid, such as housing, essential utilities, food and child care and is available to all Coast Guard service members," according to a news release.

Coast Guard personnel in need of assistance can visit the CGMA website for more information.

In addition to the $15 million donation, USAA is offering low-interest loans to Coast Guard, NOAA Corps and Public Health Service Corps personnel who have had their pay disrupted. 

Those affected by the partial government shutdown may also be eligible for payment deferrals through USAA.

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