Need a job? Well, hot dog! Oscar Mayer is hiring a Weinermobile driver

'Want a job you can relish?'

If you're not the type who is content sitting behind a computer and you'd rather get paid to travel, here's an opportunity for you. Oscar Mayer is hiring a hotdogger.

What exactly is a hotdogger? Basically, you'd be paid to drive around the country in the Weinermobile and promote the Oscar Mayer brand.

It's a one-year position starting in June. Applicants are encouraged to have a degree in public relations, journalism, advertising or marketing, but it's not a requirement. And if you speak Spanish, your chances of landing the job are even better.

The company says some of the perks of the job include a competitive salary, plus expenses, benefits, clothing and a company car.

You can get more details and find out how to apply here.

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