What questions do you have about San Antonio's dockless scooters and bicycles?


SAN ANTONIO – Now that the city's Transportation Committee put a temporary cap of 14,000 on dockless scooter and bike permits in the Alamo City, the clock continues to tick on the six-month pilot program to measure their impact.

And whether you think they're a convenience or a nuisance, everyone has an opinion about them.

Here's everything you need to know about dockless scooters, bikes in SA

Here is a breakdown of what companies have the most dockless vehicles:

  • Bird has the most at 4,500.

  • Uber's company, Jump, isn't far behind with 2,000 scooters and 2,000 bikes.

  • Lime has 4,000 scooters.

What questions do you have about dockless scooters and bikes?

So with 14,000 of these things floating around San Antonio, we want to know what questions YOU have about dockless vehicles!

Leave your question below and we'll do our best to answer it! 

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