New report: Transportation improvements hardest goal to tackle under SA2020 campaign

SAN ANTONIO – Transportation improvements will most likely be the hardest goal to tackle under the SA2020 campaign.

SA2020 was created in 2010. The nonprofit gathered input on the community's goals for the Alamo City in 2020. Since then, the nonprofit has been working with organizations to attain those goals.

An annual report that was released Tuesday was broken into 11 cause areas, including community safety, neighborhood and transportation.

The report shows that we are 70 percent on track to meet our goals across the 11 cause areas. The report also shows the cause area of main concern is transportation.

Under the transportation category, there are five sub-categories: complete streets, vehicle miles traveled, commute time, alternative transit use and traffic fatalities and serious injuries. All but one are in the red zone, meaning they're flat or getting worse.


The goal was to decrease daily vehicle miles traveled per capita by 10 percent by 2020. A chart shows it has steadily increased since 2012.

The report states these indicators don't tell the whole story and that all cause areas are related.

SA2020 is encouraging the public to take action and get involved in this campaign. You can visit the SA2020 website for more information on how to do that.

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