3 miles of protected bike lanes could be coming to Broadway in downtown area

SAN ANTONIO – Broadway in the downtown area could soon have 3 miles of protected bicycle lanes.

The bike lanes are a city project that have been in the works for nearly three years, but with housing popping up near the Pearl and the introduction of dockless scooters and bikes, they have really driven the project to get done, according to Deputy San Antonio City Manager Peter Zanoni.

Broadway already has some bike lanes on it, but protected lanes are different. Protected lanes have a physical barrier, such as plastic poles or concrete barriers, protecting riders from the road.

"The conversation about safety and 'Where do you ride those device?' has heightened the conversation," Zanoni said.

Zanoni said the project will be funded by a voter-approved 2017 bond. He said the project would run 3 miles from Houston Street and Broadway to Hildebrand Avenue and Broadway.

Zanoni says the project would be done in three phases and would cost an estimated $97 million.


The city already has $42 million from the 2017 bond and $15 million in federal and state funds for the first two phases of the project, which go up Broadway to Mulberry Street. 

The third phase, from Mulberry to Hildebrand, still needs funding. Zanoni said he believes the project would make a good candidate for a 2022 voter bond.

The design for phase one of the project will be shown to major stakeholders and businesses along Broadway for approval in the next two weeks. If they agree with it, construction could start within the next couple of months. If not, the city will need to gather public input through surveys or meetings. 

"We are behind other major cities," Zanoni said. "This is one step to advance in that goal. We don't have too many multi-mobile corridors. We certainly don't have many protected bike lanes."

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