Homeowner shaken up after pursuit ends in his driveway on West Side

SAN ANTONIO – A West Side neighborhood saw a lot of action Thursday evening after a car chase with Texas Department of Public Safety troopers that ended in the driveway of a home on the West Side.

The driver, who is now in custody, was seen doing everything in his power to escape authorities.

Like the rest of his neighbors, Joshua Torres, who lives at the home where the crash ended on Allsup Street, was shocked with everything that was happening.

Torres said he was even more alarmed because his family was at home during the entire takedown.

The chase lasted about 20 minutes, with the driver of an SUV leading several troopers in circles in a West Side neighborhood.

At one point, the driver tried to cut through a field to lose authorities, but his SUV got stuck. He then decided to get out of the vehicle and continue to run, jumping fences, but was then caught on Torres’ property.

“I hear the chopper, so I come off my balcony, and I look to the back and I just see the guy running, and he is coming and he jumps the fence, and they tackle him right in the entrance. It was epic,” Torres said. 

Torres said he is extremely grateful the suspect was apprehended in the entrance of his driveway and not inside his home.

It's unclear where the pursuit started. DPS has not provided any information about the chase or the suspect.

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