Your Questions Answered: San Antonio Park Police 101


SAN ANTONIO – A viewer recently reached out with an interesting question:

I saw a Park Police vehicle the other day and was wondering. Are they associated with the San Antonio Police department? Do they receive the same pay and benefits? What is their jurisdiction?

According to the City of San Antonio’s website, the San Antonio Park Police Department “is responsible to provide law enforcement and security to the more than 18,000 acres of park lands that make up the over 200 plus City-owned parks.” That includes everything from the local golf courses to Market Square to the Riverwalk. Officers also patrol all of the city’s trails on bikes and ATVs.

The city’s website goes on to say that Park Police Officers “enjoy the same jurisdiction and law enforcement authority within the City of San Antonio and the State of Texas.” That means Park Police Officers can arrest people and issue tickets.

The Park Police Department does fall under the command of Chief William McManus with the San Antonio Police Department. That move was made in 2009.

According to the city, Park Police officers make somewhere between $41,000 and $56,000 annually and receive the same medical benefits as civilian city employees.

You can find out more on the Park Police department’s website.

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