What’s Up South Texas!: Master Chef Junior competitor inspires others to turn passions into reality

To some, wearing several hats can be nearly impossible, but for one San Antonio 13-year-old who will appear in season seven of "Master Chef Junior," wearing several hats is what keeps him grounded.

Thomas Reyna is what you would think a high energy boy would be but his energy has made his life very successful for his age.

“I don’t like to be inside on the computer,” Thomas Reyna said. “I like to be active and doing stuff all the time. If I am not at school or in gymnastics I am probably outside.”

As a child growing up, Thomas Reyna had struggles with channeling the loads of energy he possessed.

“He was bouncing off the walls and we couldn’t get him to focus,” said Lisa Reyna, Thomas Reyna’s mother. “He still holds the record for in school detentions as a kindergartener and first grader. I am not making that up. It is true.”

Thomas Reyna had a major case of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD.

“We have had medical attention,” Lisa Reyna said. “He was in the first grade and we just couldn’t figure it out. None of the discipline was working and then his teacher suggested that he fidgets and blurts out and that is when we took him to the doctor. We kept at it and then we realized it was about ‘How do we channel this energy in a productive way.’”

Years later, that energy has been put to good use. Thomas Reyna hunts, explores, skateboards, blacksmiths and sharpens knifes as everyday fun activities.

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