Firefighters union, city of San Antonio back at negotiation table

Both parties still at odds on health care, wages


SAN ANTONIO – The city of San Antonio and the San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association are back at the negotiating table.

The first day of negotiations started off with optimism, but it quickly became evident both sides are still worlds apart.

"I'm disappointed that the city, again, is not recognizing that cancer is an issue for firefighters. I'm disappointed that the city doesn't think firefighters should have a wage increase. There’s a lot of things I'm disappointed about," said Ricky Poole, an attorney for the firefighters union.

The union’s plan centers on health care and wages. It has requested a 3.5 percent pay increase per year which equals $121 million.

Click here to look at the San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association’s proposal

The city is focusing on health care options.

"Under the so-called valued plan, which is a typical PPO (preferred provider organization) plan, there would be a premium for family coverage but not the employee," said Jeff Londa, city attorney. "Under the consumer-driven plan, which is identical to what the police negotiated, there would be no premiums for either employee coverage or family coverage, and the city would provide $1,500 to a health savings account with deductibles."

The city is also proposing a one-year deal as opposed to the union’s five-year deal.

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