Police investigating two separate overnight shootings

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police are investigating two separate shootings that happened Saturday morning. Although the shootings are unrelated, both victims refused to immediately call 9-1-1, affecting the respective investigations.

According to police, the first shooting happened at a Valero gas station on the 1100 block of IH-35 at approximately 2:45 a.m.

"Two vehicles roll into the Valero gas station. At some point, a male is called over to one of the vehicles," said Carlos Ortiz, public information officer for SAPD. "We believe that vehicle to be a dark-colored SUV."

An argument ensued and several shots were fired. The man was shot in the shoulder and has been identified by police as 22-year-old Deveon Taylor White.

Ortiz explained that both vehicles sped off after that. Moments later, an officer was able to stop one of the cars, adding, "when he pulled that car over, it turns out that was the victim in this case and not the actual suspects in the shooting."

White was taken to a hospital in stable condition, but the shooter hasn't been arrested. Meanwhile, on the city's northwest side on the 3700 block of Brandyridge Road, police dealt with another shooting around 3 a.m.

When police arrived, the victim was in critical condition with a gunshot wound in the upper torso. Police have identified the victim as Alex Vasquez.

"There's reason to suggest that the shooting maybe happened significantly earlier than when police were called," said Ortiz.

That time gap could affect the investigation, as police now have to locate the exact crime scene.

"Some people are unforthcoming with information," said Ortiz. "Other people give us correct information and tell us what happened."

Both victims were interviewed while at the hospital. Police continue their investigation.

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