Construction completed on 13 Habitat for Humanity homes

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SAN ANTONIO – Volunteers on Saturday celebrated the completion of 13 Habitat for Humanity homes, which local families will move into within the next month.

The nonprofit constructs affordable homes for families, which Stephanie Wiese, Habitat for Humanity's vice president of development and communications, says are of limited availability in San Antonio.

 "There are more than 153,000 low-income families that have a need for affordable home ownership, so it's definitely at a crisis level in San Antonio," Wiese said.

The nonprofit aims to build "decent and affordable homes without interest or profit," according to a news release. The Habitat for Humanity website states that the homes are built with three or four bedrooms and two full baths. The homes costs anywhere from $75,000 to $80,000.


Wiese said the group will complete 53 homes this year in the Lenwood Heights subdivision on the city's West Side.

Habitat for Humanity constructs homes with consideration for the environment. All of the homes are built to be both energy- and water-efficient.

The group has built 1,081 homes in San Antonio since 1976.