TECH SA: College students create device to teach people to play piano

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SAN ANTONIO – Engineering students from St. Mary’s University created software and a device to help people learn how to play the piano without an instructor. 

Student Ashkan Aminian enjoys playing instruments. 

“I used to watch YouTube videos to learn,” Aminian said. 

A new device has helped him learn differently how to play the piano. 

As part of his senior design project, Aminian and his classmates created SKORE which stands for “Smart Keyboard Operated by Robotic Educator.”

While there are similar products out there, these students believe this one stands out.

“It’s a dual system that visualizes the notes for you, so that you can start learning how to read the sheet of music as well,” Eduardo Davilos, senior student, said.

“We allow you to take an MP3 file and find a YouTube that you really enjoy and you can actually upload it and we will do all the translating for you,” Zachary Bosker, senior student, said.

The product is also designed for different-size pianos. 

“We noticed some people are very discouraged by the fact of learning a new instrument, so the fact that we can make it much more friendly and welcoming that’s who we catered for,” Bosker said. 

As they put the finishing touches to present to their class, the students have already gained much more than just a grade.

“Everyone’s been there to support each other and work on anything that we need to get things done,” Aminian said. 

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