Couple narrowly escapes injury after SUV plows into NW Side home

Maria, Onesimo Castillo left with mess to clean up

SAN ANTONIO – A loud thud and the sound of glass breaking replaced an alarm clock for Maria and Onesimo Castillo early Friday morning.

The commotion woke them up out of a deep sleep around 2:30 a.m., when a SUV plowed through their fence and hit the side of their home in the 100 block of Coyle Place.

The SUV landed inches from where Maria Castillo was sleeping. Glass from the window showered down on her face.

A few hours later, she described the scary situation and thanked God she wasn't hurt.

The impact left a hole on the outside of the Castillo's home and opened up cracks in the sheetrock inside a bedroom closet. 

The floor was flooded when a pipe outside burst during the crash.

Just inside the Castillo's wrought iron fence were numerous potted plants that Onesimo Castillo cared for daily.

The retiree said gardening is his hobby.

Onesimo Castillo wasn't sure where to begin in repairing the damage and cleaning up the mess.

San Antonio police said the driver who caused the damage jumped out of the SUV and ran away after the crash.

Officers searched but did not find him right away.

The Castillos planned to depend on their insurance to help them put their home back together.

"Todo fue material," Maria Castillo said in Spanish, indicating that the possessions they lost can be replaced.


About the Author:

Katrina Webber was born and raised in Queens, NY, but after living in Gulf Coast states for the past decade, she feels right at home in Texas.