Lone Star Fugitive Task Force honored for cracking down on East Side violence

SAN ANTONIO – Members of the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force were honored at the federal courthouse on Thursday for their roles in an operation to crack down on the violence on San Antonio’s East Side.

The Lone Star Fugitive Task Force and the San Antonio Police Department joined together to run what's known as Operation Triple Beam.

The operation was created in summer 2017 in response to a spike in violence that resulted in the death of a young child.

The goal of the operation is to combat violent crime and gang activity.

“These are things that are important to keep focused on so children can continue playing hoops and being out in their yard instead of having to be scared they might get shot by stray bullet,” said U.S. Marshal Susan Pamerleau. “(We’re) continuing focus on gang members, violent criminals and bringing them to justice.”

Pamerleau went on to say that it's important for multiple agencies to work together, noting that federal agencies have access to more tools.