Motorized scooters permanently banned in New Braunfels

City Council votes Monday night

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The New Braunfels City Council voted Monday night to permanently ban scooters.


New Braunfels city leaders will decide the fate of motorized scooters Monday after temporarily banning them for 90 days.

In January, police issued the ban, citing public safety, after a test run in the city.

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The decision Monday comes midway into the 90-day ban, which was originally issued to allow the transportation and traffic advisory board time to put regulations in place.

However, city leaders said they are now working to ban the scooters permanently with a vote expected Monday night.

"I like them, I don't think they are that big of a nuisance. If they're managed properly, they won't be and if they're not managed properly, they can get in the way," a resident told KSAT.

Before City Council members vote on a new ordinance, they will review the transportation and traffic advisory board's findings.

Chad Niland, owner of The Downtowner Bar and Kitchen, believes the scooters are good for business and the city.

"I think (we need) a simple code, a simple how to do it (and) limit on how many we have in town," Niland said. "We should charge them to be here and make a little money in tax incentives, something like that for them paying us."

If the permanent ban passes, riding an electric scooter would cost the rider.

The penalty, a Class A misdemeanor, could cost up to $500.

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