Wheezin' and sneezin' now? Grab a tissue, it could get worse

Oak pollen usually peaks in April

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Headache? Stuffy nose? You're not alone. If you're suffering this week, you're probably one of the thousands of people with an allergy to oak pollen. And the oak pollen count is high right now -- 3,100.

Pollen count is measured by grains per cubic meter over a 24-hour period.

Oak trees are pollinating right now and while the breeze is making for a beautiful day, it's stirring up that pollen.

The bad news for sufferers is that it could get worse in the coming weeks. Oak pollen typically peaks in April, so the pollen count could get even higher.

What can you do?

As beautiful as the weather is this week -- if you suffer from allergies, you probably want to keep your windows shut in your car and at home. A nasal steroid such as Flonase can help along with an antihistamine, such as Claritin or Zyrtec. And if you're absolutely miserable, you should consult an allergist or see your doctor for a steroid shot.

April showers not only bring May flowers, but they would help to clear away some of the pollen. Unfortunately, we don't have any significant rain in the forecast over the next few days.

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