Woman discovered dead by neighbor is identified

Rosangel Matule Montilla, 34, found with severe trauma

A 34-year-old woman found dead Sunday by her neighbor in her Northwest side apartment has been identified.

Authorities said the woman, Rosangel Matule Montilla, was found dead around 8:30 a.m. at a complex in the 7100 block of Oaklawn Drive.

The neighbor told police she went to the woman's apartment to check on her and when she walked in to the apartment, she saw Montilla had severe trauma to her body. Police said the neighbor left the apartment to call 911.

Investigators said Montilla died of trauma to her upper body, but they don't yet know who killed her.

Police on the scene took a young girl into their care, but are not saying how she might be connected to Montilla.

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