Delays expected at Laredo international bridges

Wait times of up to four hours during peak hours expected

LAREDO, Texas – Travelers who plan to come into the United States through three of the international bridges in Laredo will want to pack some patience.

Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz said Wednesday that lanes have been reduced at International Bridge 2 (Juarez-Lincoln), International Bridge 3 (Colombia Solidarity) and International Bridge 4 (World Trade).

"Non-SENTRI travelers coming into the United States should expect a wait time of an hour and a half or more during non-peak hours, and up to four hours during peak hours," Saenz said in a news release. "These extended wait times for both tourist and commercial traffic will obviously put a strain on our community. 

"I reiterate that delays at our ports of entry cost our city and our country greatly. Businesses depend on swift and efficient international trade to remain competitive with markets around the world. Border economies are international economies and we need daily international tourists to shop at our stores, eat at our restaurants, attend our colleges and universities, visit with loved ones and otherwise contribute to what is daily border life."

The delays come as federal inspectors who screen cargo and vehicles at ports of entry along the Mexican border are being reassigned to help handle the surge of Central American families coming into the United States.

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