Group claims negligence, intimidation, abuse at properties operated by SAHA

Group takes complaints to San Antonio Housing Authority headquarters

SAN ANTONIO – A group of tenants claims extreme negligence, intimidation and abuse are happening at all properties operated by the San Antonio Housing Authority.

The Tenants Union of San Antonio took its complaints to SAHA headquarters Thursday.

"It's very frustrating," said James Hamilton, with the Tenants Union of San Antonio. "We just lost all faith in San Antonio Housing Authority to do the right thing."

The Tenants Union of San Antonio claims there is a pattern of racism, lack of access to community rooms, poor security, mold and pest control problems.

The tenants said one of the latest incidents, in which a body of a man with multiple gunshots was found in a closet of an apartment, is an example of extreme negligence. Investigators believe the body was in the closet for months.

A spokesman for SAHA said it takes complaints from tenants very seriously.