Hollywood Park police chief warns about email scam

City of Hollywood Park sends invoices through traditional mail

HOLLYWOOD PARK, Texas – The police chief of Hollywood Park is warning others about paying close attention to details when it comes to your email, including messages asking you to click a link, view a statement or pay a balance.

It's an email designed to fake you out. It was even sent to Hollywood Park Police Chief Shad Prichard, but he didn't fall for it.

Prichard said the scam has been happening more often in the Northside town.

"So here, it looks like a Microsoft Word document, and it says, 'Best regards, Hollywood Park-TX,'" Prichard said. "So if you're not reading anything on the top of this, it's looking official when you first scan this."

Prichard recommends paying close attention to the sender's email address. The words "Hollywood Park" can be seen in the email, but the actual email address at the top does not have the town's name, nor does it end in .gov like an official city address would.

If anyone clicks on the attachment, that could give hackers access to their personal information.

Something else to know is that the city of Hollywood Park will only send invoices through traditional mail.

For anyone who thinks they may owe money, Prichard suggests calling the city before clicking on any attachment.