Local man crafts shiny symbols of Fiesta celebration for San Antonians

Will Templin is owner of Alamo Medals

SAN ANTONIO – They’re as much a part of Fiesta as the parades and parties.

Every year, San Antonians wear the shiny symbols of the celebration, known as medals, all across their chests.

Many of them come from the hands and mind of Will Templin, owner of Alamo Medals.

“I love just the spirit that San Antonio has with it,” he said.  “It's rare that as an artist you can actually give your work to so many people.”

Over the years, Templin has given away hundreds of his medals, which he prefers to think of as wearable works of art.

The painter and furniture designer decided about six years ago to put his artistic skills to work, in the Fiesta spirit.

“I've always loved working with gold and copper and silver, these colors in my paintings. And it just seemed like a natural fit for me,” Templin said.

From long before sunup to well after sundown, he works on his computer, fashioning his original ideas into images and facilitating some of those submitted by clients.

The orders are then sent off elsewhere to be made into the actual medals.

Templin, with help from other artists, does make a line of rare glass medals locally.

“I just think that the glass, it's another unique way for an artist to express himself,” he said.

This year alone, Templin has designed about 150 different varieties.
Many of his creations, he says, look more like jewelry.

While he still gets a thrill out of seeing revelers wearing his medals, Templin says his hope is that people also enjoy them.

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