Your Questions Answered: Why does San Antonio monitor the aquifer?

SAN ANTONIO – Recently, as part of KSAT's San Antonio Questions project, a viewer reached out to us wanting to know: Why does San Antonio monitor the aquifer? The viewer said that in other cities they lived in, such as New Mexico, the aquifer did not seem as important.

KSAT meteorologist Justin Horne tackled the question and provided some insight.

In San Antonio, the Edwards Aquifer is among the most prolific and regulated aquifers in the world. It is the source of drinking water for nearly 2 million people and is the primary source for agriculture.

Several endangered species in the Edwards Aquifer are also protected by the federal Endangered Species Act, which makes the regulation of the aquifer much more strict.

If the aquifer drops below a certain level, restrictions can keep residents from watering their lawns.

KSAT monitors and informs viewers about the aquifer because it affects a lot of residents.

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