Cellmate claims murder defendant told her about killing boyfriend

Laura Flores-Messick on trial for slaying of Chason Montez-Deoca

SAN ANTONIO – A murder defendant admitted that she killed her boyfriend during an argument at the man's home, a cellmate of the suspect testified Friday in court.

Laura Flores-Messick, 32, is on trial on a murder charge in connection with the slaying of Chason Montez-Deoca, 40, on June 11, 2017.

"She said that she had shot him and then went and grabbed a knife and stabbed him to make sure he was dead," the witness testified. "It was just a normal conversation -- no emotion, no regret."

The witness said the conversation took place in August 2017 in the Bexar County Jail, where she was jailed on DWI charges and Messick was jailed awaiting trial for Deoca's murder.

"After that, and at that time, I just didn't want anything to do with her because the story was told to me with no emotion, no remorse," the witness said.

The witness said that after she was released, she was shocked to learn that she and her family were longtime friends with Deoca's family and that she had shared a jail cell with his accused killer.

If convicted on the murder charge, Messick could face a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Closing arguments and jury deliberations are set for Monday in Judge Catherine Torres-Stahl's 175th District Court.

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