Am I pretty? Man's non-response to woman leads to alleged assault

Family member also assaulted in incident, officials say

LAREDO, Texas – People, listen up: It’s never a bad idea to let your lady know she looks pretty.

One South Texas woman asked her common-law husband if she looked pretty. Local authorities said when he gave no response, she attacked him.

Lizeth Ramirez initially told officers he assaulted and attempted to strangle her, but the man told a different story, according to the Laredo Metro Times.

The man told officers he and Ramirez were at the movies when she asked him if she looked pretty. Claiming he couldn’t hear her, the man did not respond.

Apparently, this caused Ramirez to get agitated, and as they were driving home, she struck him several times, the man told officers, and when they got home, she continued hitting him and began pushing him.

A relative who tried to get between the two was also struck, police said.

Ramirez was arrested. She’s charged with two counts of assault and family violence.

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