Leon Valley City Council to decide fate of councilman facing several allegations later this month

LEON VALLEY, TexasUPDATE: The Leon Valley City Council has agreed to a special hearing later this month to decide the face of Councilman Benny Martinez.

The City Council has decided to hold a 3-12 hearing in which they will look into the claims against Martinez and choose the type of action they'll take.

The hearing is scheduled for 6 p.m. April 30.


The Leon Valley City Council is set to have a special meeting Tuesday to figure out how to proceed with the independent investigation against Councilman Benny Martinez.

A council member has accused Martinez of sexual harassment, and five other staff, including two officers, have accused him of creating a hostile work environment. 

”The council will probably determine whether or not they decide to hold a 3-12 hearing,” said Kelly Kuenstler, city manager. “The 3-12 hearing allows council to inquire into the behaviors of another council member, board member. What they choose to do is strictly up to them and has nothing to do with any city employee or city manager.”

According to the home rule charter adopted by Leon Valley about two years ago, the City Council will guide the process. A 3-12 hearing would be a public inquiry. The council would decide the format and when it takes place.

Martinez maintains that the allegations are false and that he’s part of a conspiracy orchestrated by the city manager, who, according to him, wants to push him out of office.

Kuenstler said the allegations against Martinez were looked at by an independent company, but it will be up to the City Council to decide to do nothing, forfeit or sanction the council member.

The special meeting will be held at 8 p.m. Tuesday.

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