Fear overwhelms residents of East Side apartment complex after drug bust

7 suspects face federal charges, one suspect considered fugitive

SAN ANTONIO – People who live in an East Side apartment complex are asking for more security following a drug bust.

Federal investigators said seven suspected gang members who sold drugs disguised as candy were arrested Thursday.

"(I fear) one of the kids mistaking it as candy and consuming it. That's one of our children. Our young one's gone, yet again," said Jessika Green, a Cottage Creek Apartment resident.

U.S. Attorney John Bash said nine illegal firearms and 20 kilograms of methamphetamine were confiscated in the raid.

Even after the arrests, concern lingers among residents.

"I do not feel like it is safe, whatsoever, for kids to be out here," said Green.

Another resident, who is also a mother, agrees with Green.

"Gunshots at 6 in the morning, taking my kids to school. I mean, I'm happy they got them but, I mean, when they lock them up, who are the new people that's going to be coming in?" asked the woman, who didn't want to be identified.

People who live in the community said that since the name of the apartment complex changed from Spring Hill to Cottage Creek last year, things have gotten better, but there are still many problems.

"They only have cameras at the office, and a whole lot of stuff be going on back here that they don't know about," the unidentified woman said.

Federal authorities are still looking for Cynthia Corina Valdez, 26, who they said was part of the ring. 

Bash said most of the suspects face five to 40 years in prison.


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