Officer pulls teen over for expired tag, helps him find job instead of citing him

Officer said God told him to give teen 'a little break'


CAHOKIA, Ill. – An Illinois police officer is earning praise after helping a teen whom he had stopped for an expired tag find a job. 

Kshawn Ballwin was pulled over by officer Roger Gemoules on Wednesday. The teen, who was driving without a license, told Gemoules he knew he shouldn't be driving, but was trying to get to a job interview, Illinois TV station KMOV reported. 

Instead of citing Ballwin, Gemoules followed the teen home, and then drove him to his interview with FedEx.

"Something came upon me," Gemoules told KMOV-TV. "Whatever it was, God said, 'Give him a little break,' so that's what I did." He told KMOV-TV that he saw something in Ballwin that reminded him of his own struggles.

Thanks to the officer's kind gesture, Ballwin now has a job, KMOV-TV reported.