Your questions for San Antonio city council district 2 candidates

SAN ANTONIO – We asked KSAT viewers and KSAT.com readers to submit questions for the San Antonio District 2 candidates. 

We are now asking the candidates to answer the top questions that were voted on by our viewers. We will post the candidates' answers here, so check back soon.

District 2 Race Voting Round Results:

  • A total of 24 votes were received.
  • Top vote recipients:

  • How do you plan to address the Chick Fil-A issue at the airport? 2. What are you going to do about the Stray Dog problem the city has. 3. What will you do about the homeless crisis we have in the city. 4. Do you support the Climate Action deal of the city if San Antonio. - Submitted by Kevin Roshanaie (10 votes)
    • Ruben Arciniega: "1). I would have voted with the City on the issue of Chick-Fil-A because we need to be an inclusive community that does not discriminate against the LGBTQ community and also need to support local businesses thriving in operations like the airport. 

      2). We need to hire more Animal Control officers, if I am not mistaken there are less than 50 officers in a city of 1.2 million which leaves them overworked and unable to address the issue properly. We also need to educate our communities on issues like vaccination, spaying, and neutering which has led to our situation on strays. 3). The homeless crisis needs to be addressed in many platforms, we cannot simply "arrest it away". We need to do a more effective job of coordinating the civic organizations like Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, and other ministries to work together. Simply put we need to create a comprehensive plan that targets mental health, runaways, substance dependency, and domestic abuse which are all drivers of homelessness. 4). Yes, I support the Climate Action Plan and it needs to be funded and implemented." 

    • Salena Santibanez Guipzot: "1. It's hard for me to address Chick Fil-A without first wanting to address our dire need of housing, public safety and education to increase quality of life for all resident of San Antonio. Let us not get districted by political escapades that only affect the privilege, while half of our district will remain in poverty for the rest of their lives as indicative by the zip code they are born into.  2. It will take a continued effort to educate residents in English and Spanish on the need to neuter their dogs, as well as, funding for educational campaigns and for free neuters throughout the city. 3. As a current board member of San Antonio Regional Alliance of the Homeless (SARAH) and a former homeless child/teenager, I bring a very insightful perspective to addressing homelessness in SA. 4. Yes, I do. It's unfortunate that the CAAP got pushed out to after the elections as this is an issue that is pressing now. The cost does not out way the savings of lives."

  • I would like to know what each of the candidates does for a living. - Anonymous submission (6 votes)
    • Ruben Arciniega: "I am a Program Coordinator at the University of Texas at San Antonio."
    • Salena Santibanez Guipzot: "Small Business Owner and Consultant in Construction."
  • How do the candidates stand on San Antonio's proposed CAAP (Climate) policies? - Submitted by David Cruz (3 votes)
    • Ruben Arciniega: "I stand with the City on CAAP as it will reduce pollution/emissions, create a future for our youth, and potential for green energy job growth in San Antonio."
    • Salena Santibanez Guipzot: "The policy laid out is merely a framework of policies that can and should be refined as we get into the weeds of things." 
  • Here is a list of other questions that were submitted.