Viagran faces challenge from Campos in District 3 Council race

SAN ANTONIO – District 3 Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran is hoping to win her fourth and final term in office when voters go to the polls May 4. 

Viagran faces former paralegal Liz Campos, who unsuccessfully ran for the seat in 2011. 

The incumbent has been representing the South Side district since 2013. 

Campos was a paralegal for 29 years and currently owns her own plumbing business. 

KSAT 12 viewers in the district were asked what they thought the biggest issues are in the district through San Antonio Questions.

One of those issues is the growing homeless issue on Southeast Military Drive. 

Viagran said she created a homeless encampment outreach program for District 3 last year, which includes a variety of organizations working together. 

"It's a complex issue because it has to do with mental health," Viagran said. "It has to do with drug addiction, as well. But we are trying to look at it in a holistic manner."

Campos agrees with the initiative already taken, saying it's an issue that she will continue to see through.

"I think the initiative has to be consistent. It has to be effective and it has to be a strong initiative to get these people taken care of," Campos said.

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Viewers also asked what the candidates would do to increase police patrols in the area. 

Viagran said she has been fighting for a police substation in the district for some time. 

"I am so excited that more neighborhood associations are coming on board to make our issue to the mayor and city manager that we need a police substation in District 3," Viagran said.

Campos said she doesn't understand why it's been a delayed process getting a substation. She wants to find the research of the crime numbers for the area.

"I want to do whatever I can to get down to the bottom of those numbers, what exactly the crime rate is in District 3, because we definitely need a substation," Campos said.

Campos said she wants to focus on the basics: infrastructure, tax reform and accountability. 

Viagran said one of her biggest priorities is tax reform.

You can find more of the candidates answers to viewer questions by clicking here.

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