Three candidates challenging Ana Sandoval in District 7 city council race


SAN ANTONIO – Three challengers are looking to unseat District 7 Councilwoman Ana Sandoval, who is seeking reelection May 4.

Will McLeod, Trevor Whitney and Kimberly Grant are Sandoval's opponents.

Sandoval said she has been very busy in District 7 since taking office in 2017.

"We are always issuing newsletters, taking comments in. We’ve helped with over 2,000 constituent cases, so concerns about speed humps, concerns about stop signs," Sandoval said. "No.1, safety is very important to people, traffic safety, street safety."

However, the challengers have their own vision for District 7 and KSAT met with two of them.

McLeod, who works in retail, has run for mayor twice. Whitney runs a public relations firm. Grant was unavailable for an interview.

KSAT viewers wanted to know about property taxes, while some were concerned about the amount of funding going to school districts. The candidates responded.

"I would be open to work with the state legislature to lower our property taxes and especially school taxes. If you don’t have children, I don’t think you need to have the burden of school taxes," McLeod said.

"School taxes are a very large part of your property tax bill and I’m confident that the state of Texas is currently working on and is going to finalize school finance reform, property tax reform at a state level. That’s step one. Step two is that San Antonio has to take action here locally, as well," Whitney said.

"One thing that I’m doing and can help them right now is teaching them how to go to the appraisal district and get a fair appraisal," Sandoval said.

"We sat down with all the district superintendents because that’s where our property taxes go and we went to the state legislature and we asked the state to pay their fair share on education," she said.

Viewers also wanted to know what these candidates thought about the Chick-fil-A controversy at the San Antonio Airport.

"We should not discriminate against private businesses because their beliefs are different from your beliefs," McLeod said.

"I believe that it’s fundamental in this country that I signed up to serve that we must protect the religious freedom of all faiths," Whitney said.

"This is really an opportunity for us to revisit how we make those decisions and how we can improve that," Sandoval said.

District 7 in the Northwest Side was once led by former mayors Ed Garza and Julian Castro, who now is running for president.

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