Four women candidates seeking City Council District 10 seat

Candidates trying to unseat incumbent Clayton Perry

SAN ANTONIO – With city elections just a day away, a field of five candidates are vying for the City Council office currently occupied by District 10 incumbent Clayton Perry, who is seeking re-election.

Perry said he’s spent his term in office addressing what district residents say are their main concerns.

“Infrastructure, streets, drainage -- that kind of thing,” Perry said about the most talked about concerns. “Along with safety and security, police, fire and property taxes are the top three priorities.”

Reinette King is among four women hoping to unseat Perry.

King, a former zoning commissioner and government contract negotiator, said that fiscal responsibility is her strong suit.

“I’m the only candidate running in District 10 that has experience saving taxpayers millions of dollars,” she said.

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Candidate Linda Montellano, who is backed by the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organization, said that council accessibility is among her top concerns.

“It’s a shame that a lot of people do not know who their councilperson is, and I think that is very important, especially when you have a problem and you don’t know who to turn to," she said. 

For candidate Elise Kibler, who is a pediatrician, reducing crime is a top priority.

“I think that addressing substance abuse and the lack of mental health issues will, over time, reduce the crime rate,” Kibler said.

Crime is also a concern for first-time office seeker Maria Perez, who said, “Public safety is a major issue and crime is not down. Crime has gone up.”

Given the large and diverse field of District 10 candidates, a runoff race on June 8 will likely be needed to determine a winner.

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