SAQ: What happened to the lane signals on TransGuide signs?


In a recent San Antonio Question submission, a viewer asked the following:

"Those square arrow or X signs on the highways. Why are they not being used anymore? Can they be removed? How much money did the city lose now that they are not being used"


According to Texas Department of Transportation spokesperson Hernan Rozemberg, lane control signals were added in the 1990s in an effort to give drivers extra guidance about vehicle crashes and other lane blockages. 

Since the 90s, cell phone technology, along with social media and navigation apps have become not only more accessible to the public, Rozemberg said, but are now a more cost-effective ways to communicate with drivers. 

The department also said the maintenance of lane control signals can be disruptive to drivers, because it requires closures of multiple mainlanes in order to fix them. 

Rozemberg said TxDOT is in the process of removing them as part of freeway and maintenance projects. The downtown area along I-35 and I-10 is among the areas where they have already been removed. 

Rozemberg said the department is now investing in new technologies that will provide better information to drivers. 

The cost of the lane control signals was not readily available.