Local hospital cafeteria worker creates bond with passing visitors

Yevette Wilson has worked at downtown Baptist Hospital for nearly 40 years

SAN ANTONIO – A local woman is impacting people’s lives, one smile at a time.

For nearly 40 years, Yevette Wilson has worked at the cafeteria at Baptist Medical Center downtown.

“I’m not just Ms. Wilson, I’m mama, and that’s what most of them call me,” Wilson said.

Wilson’s impact emerges through each conversation shes has with those who come to the cafeteria.

“When I found out their story, what’s going on with them, it gave me a different look about them, and I know there was a need that needed to be met,” Wilson said.

Wilson has tried to create bonds with everyone who passes through the cafeteria.

“They just want someone to care, somebody to understand their story and what they’ve been through and how they got to where they are now,” Wilson said.

When they are hungry, their meal is on her. The sense of caring is a two-way street.

“I get Mother’s Day cards. I get Valentine’s cards. They stop by and see me and they say that they love me,” Wilson said.

She started collecting socks for the homeless who come to the hospital during the winter.

Wilson’s message is simple: Just be kind to one another.

“It’s very special to me. It always has been. And when the guys come by and they leave me a flower, it means a lot,” Wilson said.

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