Texan accent named sexiest in America


SAN ANTONIO – Traveling Texans may get snide remarks about their use of "y'all" outside of the Lone Star State, but a recent survey conducted by an international travel blog found that the Texan accent is the sexiest in all of America.

Big 7 Travel recently conducted a survey among 1.5 million social media users and found that Texas takes the cake when it comes to accents.


Texans' Southern drawl came ahead of the second-place Boston and No. 3, New York.

"Who can resist a slow, Texan drawl? Not us, and not our community, clearly," Big 7 wrote of Texas. "The typical Texan accent is a 'Southern accent with a twist,' with strong ‘r’s and plenty of ‘Howdy’s.’ America’s sexiest accent? We’d have to agree."

The three least sexy accents were the Long Islander accent, the New Jersey accent and the Minnesotan accent.