Judge orders baby King Jay's siblings be returned to maternal grandparents

Children removed by Child Protective Services following death of King Jay

SAN ANTONIO – Following a morning hearing Thursday, Children’s Court Judge Richard Garcia ordered that four of baby King Jay Davila’s brothers, ages 2 through 8 years old, be returned to their grandparents, Fernando Yee and Maria Salazar, immediately. An infant was also ordered returned by this weekend.

Jasmine Gonzales, the mother of the five children, agreed with Garcia’s order.

Three men who were identified as the fathers of the children also advocated for the return, including King Jay’s father, Martin Gonzalez, who testified by telephone from an East Texas prison.

“They’re ready to come back home to their grandparents,” testified Jasmine McGill, representing King’s Angels, a child advocacy group.

Child Protective Services took the children into custody after the body of 8-month-old King Jay was found buried in a shallow grave.

In a written statement, a CPS spokesperson said that there was “a strong belief that the children may be at imminent risk.”

The agency had asked Garcia for continued temporary custody of the children until a home study of the grandparents was conducted.

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