New Week, New You: Keep moving with workplace workouts

Camp Transformation Center trainer teaches healthy tips for the workplace

SAN ANTONIO – According to a study by Vanderbilt University, the average American worker sits for 7.7 hours a day.

Medical experts have started referring to long periods of physical inactivity and it's negative consequences as "sitting disease". Too much sitting can cause health issues like obesity, cancer, heart disease, muscle and joint complications. 

May is global employee heath and fitness month. To help combat a sedentary work environment, Julia Robichaux shared some workouts anyone can do with little to no equipment in the office. 

• Sitting in a chair is optimum relaxation. Try switching it out with a stability ball to help strengthen the core. Companies should consider investing in stability stools for employees. 

• Get your blood flowing with a few exercises. Jumping jacks, push ups off of a desk, tricep dips off of a chair- all require no equipment. 

• Resistance bands are inexpensive, portable and effective. Use these to loosen the neck and shoulder muscles that tend to tense up when sitting behind a desk. 

• Conduct brainstorming sessions while on a stroll or take morning meetings outdoors. 

• Managers and CEOs can consider competitions and challenges to get employees motivated.

Robichaux said these exercises aren't about breaking a sweat or getting in a tough workout. She said staying mindful about moving will ultimately lead to a healthier life-- emotionally, mentally and physically.

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