Man douses pregnant girlfriend with alcohol, sets her on fire, police say

Victim to recover; unborn baby OK

BALCONES HEIGHTS, Texas – A woman is recovering from severe burns after her boyfriend doused her with alcohol and set her on fire, police said.

Terri Calvert said she desperately needs help protecting her daughter, 38-year-old Angelique Christianson, from boyfriend Bryan Hoover.

Calvert said Hoover has a history of beating and even cutting Christianson in the past.

“On Mother's Day, he had wrapped a tie around her neck and was choking her," Calvert said. "He's always sorry afterwards.”

On Sunday, Hoover allegedly sprayed Christianson with alcohol and set her on fire.

“This time, when she told him, 'No, we're done for good,' he picked up with a bottle of alcohol and squirted it all over her and lit it on fire,” Calvert said.

Balcones Heights police said Hoover has had several run-ins with the law in the past.

“From what we gathered from a background search, he does have some issues as far as with assault right now," Balcones Heights Police Chief John Jahanara said. 

Jahanara said Sunday's attack on Christianson left her with “burns to her arms and her legs.”

Calvert said Hoover then tried to make things even worse by fanning the flames.

“She's very lucky her brother moved so fast. Grabbed a blanket wrapped her up in it, threw her down, was patting the fire out,” Calvert said. 

She said Christianson is due to give birth in a few months and was discharged from the hospital Tuesday.

Christianson is expected to recover from the severe burns. The unborn baby is also said to be OK, but there is concern that Hoover could hurt Christianson again.

“We've gotten so many messages from other women that he's hurt in the past,” Calvert said.

Hoover was arrested Tuesday afternoon at a Motel 6 on I-35 and Rittman Road. He faces aggravated assault, serious bodily injury and family violence charges. More charges could follow.

The Battered Women's Shelter said pregnant women are at a higher risk of domestic abuse than others. They are willing to help Christianson and any other victims of abuse who reach out. The shelter's number is 210-733-8810.