Burglary victim frustrated with crime activity in his East Side neighborhood

SAN ANTONIO – Residents in an East Side neighborhood want justice after a string of burglaries targeted some of their homes.

San Antonio police released several snapshots of the crooks, accused of unscrewing or covering up porch lights before forcing their way in through windows on Iowa Street.

“Lately, there has been a lot of traffic coming through here, especially early in the morning,” said Michael Martin, who lives near Iowa Street. “It is very noticeable where there is a lot of bicycle action going on and a lot of shooting.”

Martin, who is a U.S. Army veteran, said he was a victim of two burglaries.

“They got in my house twice. I came home and they were already in the house. I called the police, and believe it or not, they were in the second bedroom. I have three bedrooms," Martin said. "I just called the police, and they came and arrested one guy. I just wanted them out of my house.”

Martin said this new string of burglaries has made him uncomfortable.

“In your home, you are supposed to feel safe,” Martin said. “Home is supposed to be your domain. Outside of it is unsafe in this area.”

He said he knows the police can only do so much, which he is thankful for, but he said the neighborhood needs more attention, especially with all of the unpredictable shootings taking place.

“It takes me back every now and then,” Martin said. “These guys come through here shooting the other night. I have flashbacks. I will say that. It takes me back to the military.”

More than anything, Martin said he wants the crime to stop, especially the break-ins his neighbors have endured.

“This is just not the right thing to do, especially in the neighborhood. You got children around here," Martin said. "This has got to stop. It really does. This has got to stop. Don’t even take it somewhere else. This needs to stop. It really does.”

San Antonio police said if you can help identify the suspects seen in the released snapshots, call the East Property Crimes Unit at 210-207-7545. They said to better protect your home, you should invest in home security surveillance, motion detectors, more lighting for your yards and keep your doors and windows locked.

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