Charges in Bexar County Jail beating death upgraded to capital murder

Victim identified as Alexander Wise

SAN ANTONIO – The murder of an inmate at the Bexar County Jail on Thursday was discovered by a sheriff’s deputy making his rounds.

“One of our detention deputies was conducting his cell checks and observed from a couple of doors down, as he was working his way down the row, blood coming from under the door of one of the living units,” Sheriff Javier Salazar said Thursday.

The deputy discovered the body of Alexander Wise, who was lying on the floor, appeared unresponsive and had facial and head injuries, Salazar said.

Shandrick Buckley was lying on a bunk, apparently asleep.

Buckley, who was jailed awaiting trial in a 2017 murder case, now faces capital murder charges in Thursday’s beating. His bond has been set at $1.5 million.

Wise was jailed facing charges of fraudulent use of identification, credit card abuse, theft and drug charges.

Salazar said that the men were housed in the same cell, in spite of the difference in their respective charges, since each had been involved in separate violent incidents at the jail earlier in the week.

“Nothing showed up that would make these folks incompatible to be together,” he said.

Buckley is an African American and Wise was a former member of the Aryan Brotherhood.

Since the murder occurred in the jail, the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office will not be conducting the investigation. It will be handled by the Texas Rangers.

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